School Monitor

Teacher Portal

School Monitor offers a robust teacher portal designed to keep educators informed about their students’ progress in real-time. Each teacher is assigned a unique login, which is also provided to the parents of their students, allowing seamless access to the portal at any time. School Monitor’s school management information system leverages cloud, digital, and mobile technologies to streamline operations, providing faculty with immediate access to student records.

The system is meticulously crafted to enhance the teacher’s ability to manage the student lifecycle effectively, minimizing the risk of data loss. School Monitor’s school management information system is instrumental in fostering a strong teacher-student relationship through an efficient student relationship management system, ensuring a high-quality and personalized learning experience.

  • Teachers are provided access through a secure login using unique credentials.
  • Academic profiles of students are accessible, allowing teachers to track class performance, attendance, faculty comments, and disciplinary actions.
  • Examination details, including timetables, rescheduling, hall tickets, and exam-related rules and regulations, are available.
  • Extracurricular activities of students can be monitored and managed.
  • Online accessibility to view and manage student results and assessments.
  • Facilitated online communication between teachers, students, and parents for effective collaboration.
  • Online access to circulars, events, schedule changes, and urgent messages that may require a response.
  • Detailed records of all fee-related information, payments, schemes, receipts, and debit notes are accessible.
  • Teachers can manage and communicate homework details to students.
  • Details of holidays are available to assist teachers in planning and scheduling activities.
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