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School Monitor offer the best and most comprehensive school management system covering all stakeholders (i.e. School Administration, Teachers, Parents, and Students). Lots of schools have adopted our solution in various ways. Several schools are using it as a complete school management ERP, while several others are using it for efficient School Fee Payments Solution or Children Tracking, Attendance Management with ID cards, and All in One School and Parent communication.

To support our existing school base as well as new schools, we are inviting existing school suppliers, people looking for part time work, and people looking to start a new business without spending a lot of money to become School Monitor partner.

Below are the 3 models available and you can associate with as it suits your needs.


You can associate with us as an OEM partner if your business requirement is to integrate SkoolApp into your hardware solutions such as GPS and RFID, and sell the complete solutions to schools and education institutions.

  1. Custom API
  2. Dedicated 24×7 support
  3. White labelling
  4. Branding on School Monitor Website

Ideal for companies who have another product and want to use SkoolApp as an extension to their product

* Terms and Conditions Apply

Exclusive Distributor

Exclusive Territory Rights. You can associate with us as an individual or a business entity for selling SkoolApp products and services to schools and educational institutions for an Exclusive Territory, by leverage your existing business connections or connections with Schools.

  1. Dedicated 24×7 support
  2. Free Training
  3. Global marketing support
  4. Admin rights on various services
  5. Ongoing Recurring Income*
  6. Lead generation support

Ideal for existing school suppliers who have a large base of existing schools as their customers

* Terms and Conditions Apply

Associate Partner

No hassles partnership. You can associate with us by referring SkoolApp to schools and educational institutions and facilitating successful sales closure.

  1. Dedicated 24×7 Support
  2. Free Training
  3. Marketing support
  4. No Fee
  5. Ongoing recurring income*

Ideal for small school suppliers, people looking for part time work, people looking to build some retirement income

* Terms and Conditions Apply

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